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"I am constantly torn between wanting to improve myself and wanting to destroy myself."

"without cracks in the pavement the city cannot breathe"

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One I passed a couple of years ago by builder24car on Flickr.

If I didn’t have depression I’d have fucking straight A’s in every class every semester; the classes are easy and I’m not stupid but I can’t concentrate through the sadness.

If I didn’t have depression I’d have read 3 times the amount of books I’ve read; I would still love reading like I had before depression took away my ability to enjoy anything and everything.

If I didn’t have depression I would be able to sit down and watch tv or sit in class and not feel unbearably sad for no other reason than my mind isn’t being kept well enough distracted from the horrible thoughts and feelings that I work so hard to keep pushed down.

If I didn’t have depression I wouldn’t have these scars on my body or these tears in my eyes or these pills at my bedside.

If I didn’t have depression maybe I’d know what it’s like to be happy.

"If I Didn’t Have Depression"
          - Melissa (ramsexalicious)

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I know this map better than I do a map of my own town.
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